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Contributions to jtools whether in the form of bug fixes, issue reports, new code or documentation improvement are welcome. Please use the Github issue tracker if remotely possible. For any pull request please link to or open a corresponding issue in the issue tracker.


jtools uses testthat for testing. Please try to provide complete test coverage for any submitted code and always check that existing tests continue to pass. If you aren’t familiar with testthat or writing tests in general, please indicate that in your pull request and I will likely be able to add those tests.

Code style

Generally speaking, the tidyverse style guide won’t steer you wrong. A few specific things to note, however:

  • <- must be used for assignment. I may reject pull requests using =.
  • Avoid using periods for function names and separate words with _ in function names.
  • In function arguments, use periods to separate words (not _). This is a convention designed to be consistent with this package and to clearly differentiate function arguments from other objects.
  • I prefer commented code, especially if there’s any ambiguity about what sections of code are doing on first read.

Code of Conduct

When contributing to jtools you must follow the code of conduct defined in